Are You a Cougar?

A new lesbian dating site where age knows no boundaries

Is this lesbian cougar looking for a cub - in her outback hat from Chico's? (courtesy of Lesbian Cougar Dating)

It was only a matter of time, ladies. And now there’s a new dating site for “mature” lesbians looking for a little young sapphic love. Lesbian Cougar Dating is for women who, according to the site, “enjoy being in the company of lesbian cubs who are willing to experiment and let go.” Let go of what? We’re a little afraid to ask, especially since the default age to sign up is 1931!

Our impression of the lesbian cougar and cub scenario bears great resemblance to the sugar daddy-trophy wife match up, only Lesbian Cougar Dating makes no mention of money. According to the site’s creators, it all comes down to maturity and attraction:

“We felt the need for a classy and chic dating site for lesbian cougar women and their female cubs, just like there are dating sites for cougar women and male cubs.”

Confused about what a cougar is – or even a cub? Consider a few famous straight cougar-cub relationships like Demi and Ashton or Cher and the Bagel Boy. In the gay male community, there have always been plenty of “daddies” and “cubs” to go around (see The Bike Stop for details) and apparently the same goes for lesbians who may be looking for a little intergenerational L word (L stands for love, folks, gets your mind out of the gutter and respect your, um, elders).

“Lesbian cubs are also attracted to lesbian cougar women who are poised, experienced, independent and assertive,” says the site – that is –  until one too many dirty martinis at Sisters during Friday night happy hour. Meow!

Will you be signing up? If so, are you a cougar – or cub? We want to hear your story: