South Philly Mom Murders Daughter, Son

Plus: No booze in OCNJ, Grantland calls out 2012 Phils, another of Philly's Finest in cuffs, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

A South Philly Mom Murdered Her Two Children. A 12-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy are dead after their mother allegedly stabbed them with kitchen knife. Just awful. [6 ABC]

BYOB Off the Ballot in Ocean City. So, there won’t be any booze in Ocean City. Also, the sky is blue, grass is green, and Shore traffic is going to suck tomorrow. [FOX 29]

Grantland Calls Shenanigans on Phils “Dynasty” Predictions. The Sports Guy Bill Simmons’s lofty sports website is only a few months old. The forum tackles everything from sabermetrics to red-carpet fashion to the heralded mailbags the Boston homer has become notorious for. Today, they’ve got a post knocking next year’s Phils team. The author says the water ahead is “murky” for the Phillies. He might be right, but—like in the video below—who’s looking at the water when we’re having this much fun? [Grantland]

Cliff Lee Tosses 8⅔ Innings in Phils Win. That’s three straight wins for the Phils and 22 straight scoreless innings for Cliff Lee for those of you keeping score at home. [Phillies]

Chickie’s & Pete’s Named Best Sports Bar in North America. An ESPN mobile poll saw the South Philly staple at the top of the list of the 5,000 nominated establishments. It’s really early, but this has the Scoop thinking crab fries for breakfast. [Metro]

Randall Cunningham’s Number Worth More Than $1 Million. Technically, Cunningham’s number isn’t retired by the Birds. But, Joe Banner thinks so highly of Cunningham, he won’t give it out unless the former quarterback approves. When asked if he would give the thumbs up for newbie Steve Smith to rock the 1-2, Cunningham said not for a million bucks. [The 700 Level]

One of Philly’s Finest Charged With Rape. A few weeks ago, a woman asked a police officer for a ride from a Cobbs Creek bus station. The officer obliged and then allegedly forced the woman to perform oral sex. After being dropped off, she immediately informed a SEPTA security officer and now DNA evidence has come back implicating the officer. [6 ABC]