Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading this week

1. “Philadelphia Cyclists Finally Get What’s Coming to ‘Em” by Carrie Denny
More policing of maniacs on two wheels brings hope to city drivers. Read more.

2. “Book Ranks Penn State Among Douchiest Colleges” by Mike Bertha
Truth hurts, but as an alum I have to agree. Read more.

3. “How Anti-Obama Republicans Will Bring On a Stock Market Crash” by Michael Coard
Mark your calendars for the new end of the world date: August 2nd. Read more.

4. “New Archbishop Chaput’s Tactics” by Robert Huber
What he knows—and doesn’t know—about the sex-abuse scandal in Philadelphia’s Catholic Church. Read more.

5. “Has Our Rudeness Reached New Heights In Philly?” by Michael Callahan
Living in a society where (almost) no one follow the rules. Read more.