It’s OK to Shop at Macy’s

The retailer told the Christian Values Network to get lost

If you’ve been eyeing up those board shorts in the window at Macy’s on Market and Juniper, you may take pride in knowing that the chain recently joined a list of major companies that are telling the Christian Values Network (CVN) to get lost.

Thanks, in part, to efforts by, Macy’s decided to remove ads from after learning that the organization helps raise money for anti-gay groups like Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council (both support reparative therapy, by the way) through these clickable online ads.

In a statement, Macy’s had this to say: “Macy’s serves a diverse society. As such, we are deeply committed to a philosophy of inclusion in the way we operate our business and support our communities. We welcome all customers into our stores.”

This seems especially smart in Philly when you consider that Macy’s is just footsteps away from Midtown Village and the Gayborhood, two prime retail and nightlife destinations for the LGBT community.

Other companies who gave CVN the heave-ho recently: Apple, BBC America, Delta, Microsoft and Wells Fargo (local employees even marched in the Philly Pride parade this year).

Last week, Wells Fargo issued this statement: “We requested the removal of this ad because it was not compliant with Wells Fargo’s brand and marketing standards.”

But many other companies still do place ads on the CVN website, including Best Buy, Netflix, REI, Target, USA Today and Walgreens. Here’s a full list of companies that have supported the Family Research Council.