Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading this week

1. “You Know You Live in West Philly If …” by Liz Spikol
Our city’s neighborhoods have a talent for giving themselves away. Read more.

2. “My Groupon Nightmare” by Beth Capriotti
When you end up needing to be saved from your dinner savings. Read more.

3. “Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder” by Michael Coard
But the jury got it right. Read more.

4. “Hiring Elizabeth Smart Not a Smart Move for ABC” by Gail Shister
The kidnapping victim is not a journalist. Read more.

5. “The Depressing Truth About Tomatoes” by Erica Palan
No wonder the fruit in the supermarket tastes terrible. Even the farmers don’t care about it. Read more.