Philly Opens Summer With Violent Weekend

Plus more state budget details, School District test scores are up but some schools are closing, Bob Brady's doing a good deed, and more of what Philly is talking about today

Ultra Violent Weekend in the City. The first official weekend of summer saw 33 injured by gun violence, including five murders and a suicide. Add this to the “flash mob” attacks and robberies and it looks like tempers are rising with the summer heat index. [Daily News]

Bob Brady Helps Youth Football Team. A youth football team in Overbrook saw its season slipping away after thieves broke into their facility and stole all of their equipment. Congressman Bob Brady has pledged to help raise funds to replace the stolen items, which total to nearly $20,000. [6 ABC]

More State Budget Details. Spending is reduced by three percent. The original state funding cut of $296 million has been reduced to $284 million, there are no new taxes, and state-funded universities will only see a 19 percent cut. Education, food pantries, job training and rehab programs will all see a significant cut in funding. [Biz Journals]

Philly Set to Close Schools. Leaked district documents detail the 2012-13 plans for the District’s “rightsizing,” which call for as many as 24 school closings and a new 1,200 student plan for William Penn High School. [The Notebook]

Philly Test Scores are Up. For the ninth consecutive year, Philadelphia School District students have improved their standardized test scores. Many of the students still fall below state standards, but it seems as though the district is moving in the right direction. Baby steps, folks, baby steps. [FOX 29]

Penn Dropouts Go Zuckerberg. A few Penn students have dropped out of school after raising millions of dollars to fund their college software company. The idea is that their site will incorporate the easy messaging aspects of sites like Facebook with the practicality and scholastic interfaces of popular university-used Blackboard. [Inquirer]