A Straight Comic Walks into a Lesbian Bar…

Local funny guy Chip Chantry hosts a burlesque showcase tonight at Sisters

Chip Chantry has played a lot of venues over the years – he even took at turn on TV’s Last Comic Standing. But tonight is the first time the homegrown comedian emcees a special Burlesque Showcase (10 p.m.) at Sisters.

As Chantry gets ready to introduce gorgeous gals like Ginger Leigh, Jessica Saint, Emily Doofnoggle, the Awakenings Pole Dancers and Sisters Sirens, we asked about what it’s like being a lesbian nightclub virgin and what his girlfriend thinks of him being surrounded by so many scantily clad women.

How did you manage to snag this sweet gig?

The lovely and talented Timaree from the Sisters Sirens asked me to do it. Actually, she told me I was doing it, then threatened to beat me up if I didn’t. I believed her.

So have you ever been to a lesbian nightclub before?

I have not! I’m excited – this is a first for me. Is there, like, a password?

No password. But we’ll warn you, the ladies can get pretty rowdy. How do you intend to keep the show on track?

With my wit, charisma and charm. And if that doesn’t work, begging and pleading. Lots and lots of begging and pleading.

What does your girlfriend have to say about you being around all this burlesque talent (translated: half-naked women)?

My girlfriend has had first-hand experience with my powers of flirtation. Therefore, she knows that she has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Burlesque Showcase, 10 p.m., Sisters, 1320 Chancellor St., 215-735-0735.