Top Five Posts of the Week

Here's what you should've been reading on the Philly Post last week

1. “18 Seconds” by Larry Mendte
A life is lost in what feels like an instant at the St. Albans pool in Delaware County. Read more.

2. “Grad School Is Worthless” by Tim Whitaker
Instead of taking out loans for more classroom education, try learning some streetsmarts to get ahead. Read more.

3. “Barnes Fight Is Disproportionate to the Debate’s Importance” by Liz Spikol
When will we get past the tempest-in-a-teapot fight over an art collection? Read more.

4. “It’s Time to Ban Sushi” by Chris Freind
Or at least that’s what the government should do if it wants to be consistent in the way it handles potentially “dangerous” raw foods. Read more.

5. “The High Price of a Good Night’s Sleep” by Gail Shister
When did mattresses get so expensive? Read more.