What I’m Wearing: Suzanne Perrault

Former model, art aficionado, co-owner of the Rago Arts & Auction Center

“This dress is from MUJI. I don’t think about what I’m going to wear too much. It just sort of happens. I like to buy things that other people are not likely to recognize or wear.”

“Glenn Ricci of A.K.A. (6610 Lower York Road, New Hope, 215-862-2277) does my hair. But I have no regime—I take a shower and blow-dry my hair. Working in an auction house in my capacity, there’s a lot of warehouse work, so my lifestyle is pretty casual.”

“I work with a lot of breakables, so I can’t wear big necklaces or jewelry. I wear all sorts of scarves to pick up colors and tie them in with outfits. This is vintage Talbots.”

“The red belt is vintage, from the 1970s.”

“This chair is by Wharton Esherick. He was one of the great craftsmen and artists. It’s from 1960, in original condition. It’s all hand-carved cherry and leather. We’re selling this in our June design auction.” (20th Century Designer auction, June 11th and 12th at Rago Arts & Auction Center)

“I play tennis, go to the gym once a week and take yoga classes. I also move around a lot and fidget—that’s got to be good for burning calories.”

“I love red shoes. I love red things overall. It’s probably my favorite color.”