Go Gadget: Summer Tech Toys

5 of the hottest, must-have summer electronics

How many times do you check Facebook, send a text, play some “Angry Birds,” drown out your boss with iTunes and spend entire evenings watching Netflix On Demand…on your Wii? Yeah, same here. That’s why G Philly decided to round up some of the most entertaining, useful and downright cool new tech toys for summer. Because no trip to Rehoboth – or Fire Island – would be the same without them.

White iPhone 4

Nothing says fun in the sun like a white party…in your pocket. That’s what makes the White iPhone 4 such a hotly anticipated smart phone this season. The stunning case will look great with that tan you’ve been working on since February. Plus, it works with all of the cool video apps users have come to enjoy from this fourth version of the Apple favorite. (Can’t get enough iPhone? Rumor has it iPhone 5 will be released in the fall. But, alas, it’s only a rumor, folks.)

Illy Francis Y1 Espresso Machine

Refuel from last night’s late-night garden party without ever leaving the house. The crema-topped espresso that pours from the Y1 will save you a hungover trip to Starbucks. Plus, the cool coffee maker is as stylish as it is practical, steaming up consistently good, mess-free espresso for the coffee addict with a penchant for sexy small appliances. It’s also quite the conversation piece should you have company the next day.

HP Touch Pad

Not everyone loves Apple as much as we do, which is why the many PC users out there will be pleased with the new HP Touch Pad. The tablet looks a lot like iPad, but lets users move between apps on one screen. It even lets folks answer texts and phone calls – and works with Adobe Flash. If you are forced to take your work with you on vacation (say it isn’t so!), this sleek tablet sure beats a bulky laptop, especially if you consider that it works with most printers.

It’s also great for streaming movies and listening to music all in one place. And for you “literary” beach bums, you can even download digital books to the Touch Pad (yes, that includes the entire Jackie Collins collection).

Philips Fidelio DS9000 Primo Speaker Dock

Stream your music on the deck or by the pool with this new digital music dock from Philips. The touch of wood combined with the futuristic shape not only equals great sound, but it’s a stylish fit into any room – indoor or out. Just pop your iPod into the dock and you’ll be enjoying favorite playlists during parties and days off instantly. The dock is also portable should you want to pack it up before heading to your hotel, inn or summer house this season.

Shure SE315 Earphones

If you prefer to keep your guilty music pleasures to yourself (we know you listen to Barbra – on repeat – a lot) then these snazzy earphones from Shure should be on your gift list. Rather than be seen sweating in those oversized hipster headphones that block out noise, consider earbuds that actually fit and are comfortable. The best part is that this pair features a detachable cord, so if you get your buds stuck in a sand dune (or taxi door) you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

Check back for more geeky guides when we tackle sleek tech for the designer home.