Jury Selection Begins in Alycia Lane Vs. Larry Mendte Case

Plus Kate Gosselin's latest drama, the PA health secretary's vendetta against a Pittsburgh diner, a fun Phillies prank, and more of what Philly is talking about today

The Death of DROP. Michael Nutter wants to kill the controversial program. Meanwhile, Anna Verna maintains that DROP had nothing to do with Frank Rizzo and Marge Tartaglione losing last Tuesday’s election. Sigh. [Inquirer]

PA’s New Health Secretary Pissed About Eggs. No, no. This isn’t an article about his stance on stem cell research. Eli N. Avila likes his breakfast made with very fresh eggs and when a Pittsburgh diner didn’t serve up a sandwich that met his standards, he unleashed the health department on the establishment. Nice priorities. [Inquirer]

Jury Selection Begins in Alycia Lane vs. Larry Mendte Case. Who needs a refresher? Peep Philly Mag’s stories on both Lane and Mendte (and heck, while you’re at it, on Mendte’s wife, Dawn Stensland) for a little recreational rage this morning. Or try Buzz Bissinger’s screed against Mendte from today’s Daily News. And while we’re on the topic of Philly-centric celebs and the judicial system …

Kate Gosselin Loses in Court. The TLC star must pay a local marriage therapist more than $10,000 in a dispute over counseling. [MyFoxPhilly.com]

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest figure since March 2009. In April, it was 7.5 percent. [Newsworks]

Sorry, New Jersey Teens, No Botox for You. Unless you have a doctor’s note. [CBS3]

Chris Wheeler Had Some Bathroom Issues. The Phillies announcer accidentally got locked in the bathroom on the team bus the other night. Those wacky Phillies! [The Fightins]