Whiny Teens Leave Girl Scouts Over “Pro-Abortion” Stance

Then, the barely high-school-aged girls started a website about it. Seriously

Two teen girls from Texas have left the Girl Scouts after—gasp—learning that the organization has, in their words, a “pro-abortion mindset.” They’ve also started a website to expose “the truth about Girl Scouts.”

Somewhere, George W. is breathing a sigh of relief at realizing that he’s actually not the dumbest thing to come out of the Lone Star state.

According to the “Our Journey” section of the site, the girls, Tess and Sydney, first realized the Girl Scouts’ non-pro-life stance when a “very offensive” Planned Parenthood brochure (that is basically a document meant to educate youth on sexuality and safe sex) was shown during an organization event. It was all downhill from there.

Obviously, these girls were raised in some kind of way that, in my opinion, appears to be pretty vastly removed from reality. They are both very young: One is finishing her freshman year in high school, according to the bio section of the site, and the other is heading into high school next year. I can’t help but feel sorry for these girls and wonder when, if ever, they’ll grow up and regret the decisions they’re making now. God forbid either of them gets into any kind of sex-related trouble during high school or college. It’s just sad.

I wasn’t a Girl Scout when I was younger, but I’ve always gotten the feeling that the organization does what it pledges: Educates each of its members to become a strong woman with a healthy self esteem. It is far from irresponsible and “offensive” that the organization works to teach young girls about reproductive health, rights and safe sex (in fact, the organization appears to be simply educating its members, rather than taking any real stance on the issues). The high school I attended did a bang-up job of teaching these things (in all fairness, it was a Catholic school), and parents whose daughters are involved with Girl Scouts should be glad that the organization cares enough to teach girls about all of their options and educate them properly. I sincerely hope that this ridiculous, diatribe-filled blog doesn’t cause any parents to remove their girls from the organization—obviously, the Girl Scouts are getting it right.

Check out the site and poke around a bit. It’s pretty appalling. The more I look at it, the sicker it makes me. It’s sad that such young girls have been brainwashed to believe such ridiculous things. You don’t have to look far to realize that a woman’s right to choose isn’t the only thing they’re against: they criticize homosexuality, feminism in general and basically anything that falls outside the realm of an ultra-conservative lifestyle.

The “Our Journey” page starts off with, “It’s Our Story: We’re Telling It.” Maybe a woman who’s been through an abortion, or someone who lives an “alternative” lifestyle, should fill Tess and Sydney in on her story.