One of Us: Milton Street

So he just got out of prison. That small detail won’t keep 72-year-old Milton Street — former hot-dog vendor turned state senator turned correctional-facility inmate — out of the mayoral primary this month. Here, he shares his thoughts about (surprise!) forgiveness, the Iron Chef and why his heaven is full of bikes and veggie burgers

My full name is … T. Milton Street Sr.
I am a … community activist, son of two God-fearing parents, and candidate for Mayor of the City of Philadelphia.
The thing that I like most about myself is … the desire I have to make sure that everyone has a voice and is heard.
My greatest extravagance is … bike-riding through neighborhoods of Philadelphia.
The best book I’ve ever read is … the Bible.
My biblical hero is … Daniel — a true visionary.
Selling hot dogs taught me … the approach I used in the state legislature: Serve it while it’s hot.
Mayor Nutter … has squandered an opportunity to lead, by ignoring the workers of this city and our neighborhoods.
   I say all the time that … through it all, I am a blessed man.
Prison was … an experience that helped me refocus, recommit, and understand that even the smallest mistakes carry consequences.
If I could do anything else for an occupation, I’d be … a preacher.
The best thing on TV is … “Iron Chef.”
The person I most envy is … Muhammad Ali. Still relevant. Still advocating for the human rights of others.
If I could switch places with one person for a day, it’d be … Midge Rendell. Strong. Confident. Independent. She’s amazing.
My favorite family memory is of … weekend picnics with my mother, father and two brothers.
My favorite spot in this city is … the West River Drive bike path.
My last meal on earth would be … a veggie burger on a grain roll.
The day after the election, I’ll be … standing in the middle of a crowd that once felt their voices were forgotten but now have realized their dreams.
People say my candidacy is a long shot. I say it’s … the best shot for “don’t counts” — people who think their votes don’t count.
When I’m Mayor, patronage and pay-to-play will be … No room for pay-to-play, but people who support you shouldn’t be treated worse than those who didn’t. As for patronage: A mayor must be able to hire the best person for the job to help advance his agenda.
One thing people misunderstand about me is … my passion and drive. I refuse to quit.
Being convicted of failure to file taxes shouldn’t matter to voters because … we’ve all made mistakes, but still deserve to be heard.