Good Life: Brooke Dillon

Collector of clothing, owner of the Katacomb: Vintage

My longest friendship in Philly is with Tonia, who does my hair at Studio CL (128 South 19th Street, 215-496-0604).

I found this ’50s hat years ago at a vintage store in L.A. It’s a random little treasure. I probably paid $10 for it. Vintage doesn’t go out of style, it just reinvents itself.

The sunglasses I found in Paris. They’re France Look, handmade in the ’60s. I actually had them on the racks to sell, but they were so expensive, no one bought them. So I took them right off the shelf and put them in my drawer.

The dress is Chanel, new this season. I love its classic shape, its silhouette. It’s very versatile, feminine, comfortable, pretty, and, you know, what’s not to love about Chanel?

On my left arm I wear a Cartier Roadster and a LOVE bracelet. On my right wrist, I’ve worn a red bracelet for approximately three years. It’s never come off. If it came off, I don’t think it would go back on.

My Pomeranians, Oliver (the black one, who wears a Gucci collar and leash) and Tabitha (who wears a Louis Vuitton collar and leash), were both given to me as gifts by ex-boyfriends. It’s kind of a running joke in my family: What kind of dog will the next ex-boyfriend give me?

I probably have about 20 pairs of Louboutins. I call this pair the “unwalkables,” because you actually can’t walk in them. It’s a six-inch heel, and there’s no platform on the shoe, so the ball of your foot is on the ground. I think I’ve walked three blocks max in them.

The Katacomb: Vintage (1514 Pine Street, 215-520-2911)