Hard Liquor Coming To A Grocery Store Near You

Plus Pennsylvania's oil blowout, how to steal gasoline, Penn's camel problem, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Did The Sabres Cheat Or Are We Just Sore Losers? In case you didn’t notice, the Flyers are in the playoffs. On Wednesday, they lost to the Sabres 0-1, but those hard-nosed investigators at Fox 29 think that the Sabres may have cheated. [My Fox Philly]. The Sabres’ coach said we’re whiners. [CBS3]

In Less Contentious Sports News. The Phils shut down the Padres (thanks, Roy!). [LA Times]. The Sixers fall to the Heat, in spite of all the pre-game festivities. [Inquirer]. The Eagles prepare for the draft. [CBS Sports]. And the MLS prez praises the Union (remember them?) as a model franchise. Who knew? [Inquirer]

Guess They Didn’t Drive Through Bridgeport. The Bureau of Economic Accounts (maybe government is too big after all) has released a report that places Montgomery County as the most affluent county in the state and the 16th in the nation. [Bureau of Economic Accounts]

No, Really, Philly Actually Is Going Green. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency has declared Philadelphia a leading city in the greening of America. Happy Earth Day! [Newsworks]

As For The Rest Of Pennsylvania’s Greening… The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is looking into blowout in the Marcellus Shale that may have sent thousands of gallons of gloop and grease into places they’re not supposed to be. [Danville News]

You Know It’s Bad When New Jersey’s Gas Is Expensive, Too. One day after President Obama announced his Gas Price Task Force to investigate possible price gouging, the Garden State — normally a cheap(er) gas safe haven — is raising petrol prices on the Turnpike by 11 cents. Suddenly that Chinatown bus to New York is looking pretty good. [Star-Ledger]

But Why Buy Your Gas When You Can Just Steal It? Gas thefts in the region are up, and you can join in the fun with these helpful YouTube tutorials. [Fox 29]

Claritin Is Your Friend. Eyes red and itchy? Nose runny? Throat scratchy? It’s that time of year, folks, and the allergens are abundant in the “pollen capital.” [Press of Atlantic City]

Caught On Tape. The FBI has released a surveillance video of former police inspector Daniel Castro — the one convicted earlier this week of one count of lying to the feds. Entrapped? You decide. [6 ABC]

Oxycodone, Texting, and Driving Apparently Not A Good Combo. Local man charged with vehicular assault after smashing into a car that had a three-year-old in the back. [NBC 10]

Because Those Wine Kiosks Were Such A Good Idea. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board plans to use the robotic salesmen to push hard liquor in area grocery stores. [WGAL]

Who Says Camels Don’t Like Drunk Girls And Cheap Beer? Animal rights activists have their panties in a bunch over a photo of a camel at a University of Pennsylvania frat party. [Inquirer]

No Big Weekend Plans? From Chaka Khan and The Messiah to the Opry in Fishtown and creative printer destruction (think Office Space), the 38 best things to do in Philly. [The Weekender]

Smerconish Offers Advice To FAA. The local radio personality looks to Preston & Steve and the Philly cops to solve the drowsy air traffic controller problem. [Inquirer]