What We Love: More Ab Fab!

Get your Stoli ready, sweetie darlings

As if we weren’t already over the moon to find out that Logo TV picked up our favorite British cult series “Absolutely Fabulous,” but now comes the news that Patsy and Eddy may be back with a whole new set of episodes.

The Guardian reports that “Ab Fab” star Joanne Lumley (Patsy Stone) has said she expects to start filming several new episodes of the show late this summer opposite Jennifer Saunders (Edina Monsoon).

The BBC hasn’t confirmed the story, but offered a statement: “We’re putting the finish touches to the deal to bring it back and as soon as we’re in a position to confirm we will.”

Ever since the show’s champagne-swilling divas called it quits in 2005 we have been missing their hilarious antics (we’ve worn out the DVD box set). And while we loved when the ladies appeared on an episode of “Roseanne” way back when, it’s hardly been enough to keep us quenched.

We can’t help but wonder where the series will pick up. Is Saffron still in the picture? And will we ever meet Eddy’s mystery son? Tell us what you’d like to see happen.

In the meantime, pass the Bolly and enjoy this old clip from the show (yep, it’s the wine tasting scene):