Phillies Get Slaughtered By the Brewers

Thank goodness Cliff Lee's up tonight! Plus the Eagles 2011 schedule, the return of Ride the Ducks (ugh!), and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Hello? Offense? Are You There? The Phillies lost 9-0 to the Brewers last night. It wasn’t pretty. [The Fightins]

That’s What the Scoop Calls Positive Thinking. The Eagles released their 2011 schedule. Presuming the season isn’t locked-out, they’ll open the season on the road in St. Louis. [NBC10]

The Catholic Church Scandal Continues. Parishioners in Glenside miss Msgr. Michael Flood, who was removed from St. Luke’s in Glenside due to accusations of sexual impropriety. An interestingly sympathetic look at someone accused of pedophilia. [Inquirer] Meanwhile, a priest in Montgomery County is “angry as hell” that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia asked him to help place priests into new assignments years ago without telling him of their history of sexual abuse. [Courier Times]

One Less Reason to Hate Tourists. Ride the Ducks returns tomorrow. The best change: Riders won’t get the annoying quacking noise-makers until after the ride is over. [Daily News]

Right, People Don’t Go to Atlantic City Because the Marketing Sucks. New Jersey has developed the Atlantic City Tourism District to help boost the struggling casinos. First on the agenda: “a massive marketing campaign intended to bring back past customers and lure new vacationers.” [Courier Post]

There Really Is an App for Everything. Alan Butkovitz unveiled Philly Watchdog, an iPhone app that allows anyone to report government misconduct directly to the controller’s fraud unit. [Daily News]