The Orchestra Walks Off Stage

Plus, people doing bad things on camera, a mysterious beast lurks at the Shore, Philadelphia's strange obsession with the royals, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

The Orchestra Walks Off Stage. Last night, members of the Philadelphia Orchestra left their seats and walked into the audience to distribute anti-bankruptcy pamphlets. The board will vote this weekend on the symphony’s future. [Associated Press]

Of Course, The Teachers Have To Buy Their Own Pencils. Two Philadelphia charter school officials face 27 charges relating to their “misuse” of funds. [FBI] Meanwhile, a South Jersey college president is under investigation. [CBS 3]

Don’t These People Realize That There Are Cameras Everywhere? Police say that a woman in a Delaware wig store instructed her 5-year-old companion to steal, and it’s all caught on tape. [6 ABC]

Yeah, Because Chestnut Street Is Such A Residential Neighborhood. Opposition grows to a planned billiards hall at 12th and Chestnut. [PlanPhilly]

More Fun With Video. NBC 10 has footage of this week’s hostage standoff in Atlantic City. [NBC 10]

Encouraging Economic News. The Department of Labor and Industry announced that Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has dropped again to 7.8 percent, down from a peak of 8.8 percent in January 2010. [BusinessWeek]

So Much For Freedom Of The Press. La Salle University administrators tried to quiet the school newspaper’s breaking story about the stripper-hiring prof. [Inquirer]

The Mind-Numbingly Boring Off-Season Life At The Jersey Shore. Margate and Ventnor residents are losing it over sightings of a four-legged beast. One theory is that it is an escaped “reindeer” from Storybook Land. [Press of Atlantic City]. Meanwhile, several thousand people led by a Ventnor woman will attempt to break the world bubble blowing record this morning. It’s worth noting that they attempted this a year ago and failed. All eyes are on you, New Jersey. []

“Gay Marriage” Would Just Sound So Much Better. If you’re looking for a “same-sex civil union,” you will soon be able to head to Delaware. Can’t imagine how the Delawareans south of the Mason-Dixon feel about that. [Fox News]

Brotherly Love, Eh? OnStar has released its breakdown of 2010’s “Good Samaritan” calls, which represent drivers who pushed their little Help Me buttons to report other motorists’ emergencies, and Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York all best us. []

But Royal Love, We Got. According to Yahoo’s web analytics, Philadelphia is the third most royal-wedding obsessed region in the United States. Flint, Michigan took first place. Anyone care to explain? []

A.C. About To Get Even Trashier. On Saturday, Charlie Sheen brings his thoroughly panned tour to the Taj Mahal. If you want to shake the hand of greatness, it will set you back $748. [Inquirer]