Phillies Beat Mets

Plus Charles Ramsey is staying put (with a $60,000 raise), Larry Mendte is hanging with Gaddafi, US Airways is beefing up first class and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Phillies Beat Mets. Blanton blew a big lead, but the guys rallied back to a 10-7 win. []

Charles Ramsey Will Stay in Philly. Rahm Emanuel’s wooing didn’t work on our police commissioner, and Ramsey has announced he won’t be taking the top cop job in Chicago. The $60,000 raise from Nutter might have helped. [Newsworks]

Larry Mendte In Libya. The former CBS anchor (and Philly Post contributor) is with Curt Weldon in Libya, where he might get a shot at interviewing Muammar Gaddafi. Yet another chapter in the story of “After ‘It’ Happened.” [FishbowlNY]

US Airways Is Getting First-Classier. The airline will put more first-class seats in regional planes flying from PHL. This means nothing to most of us, but it’s rather good news for all of you Chairman’s Preferred fliers, no? []

Cape May Named Ninth Best Beach in the World. In the world, people. Seems the town earned extra points for its “lack of ‘Jersey Shore’ environment.” [NBC 10]