Daily Scoop: AP Sues Urban Outfitters

Plus Marcellus Shale's Nazi moment, PCVB's Nick DeBenedictis says Inky article caused Convention Center to lose business, gripes with Corbett's budget mount and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Godwin’s Law Strikes Offline. And so the Marcellus Shale controversy finally gets its Nazi moment. A top geologist at PA’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, talking to a newspaper reporter in Lancaster, said of the documentary Gasland (which examines gas-drilling fallouts such as ignitible drinking water), “Joseph Goebbels would have been proud. He would have given him the Nazi Award. That, in my opinion, was a beautiful piece of propaganda.” State Rep. Josh Shapiro has called on Gov. Corbett to condemn the “insensitive and ignorant rhetoric” and take action. Gasland‘s director has called for the state official’s firing. [Above Average Jane, Huffington Post]

Inky vs. Convention Center. The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau is in a huff over Paul Davies’s column last week in which he questioned the wisdom of all the taxpayer dollars that went into the Convention Center expansion. PCVB Chairman Nick DeBenedictis says the Davies piece cost the center a big client. Davies points out that he’s “not on the PR team” for the PCVB. [Newsworks]

Associated Press Sues Urban Outfitters. In a lawsuit filed yesterday, the AP says it has the copyright on the “Hope/Obama” image created by Shepard Fairey that Urban’s putting on t-shirts. [Business Journal]

Haverford Grad Stuck In Japan. As everyone watches the earthquake tragedy in Japan, Debbie Golden from Merion Station is trying to figure out how to get her son Alex back to the U.S. He was over there teaching and has managed to send text and Facebook messages. [CBS 3]

Corbett Sued Over Health Insurance. Well, if budgets were easier, the Scoop supposes he would know more about Excel spreadsheets. More than 1,000 Philadelphians protested education cuts yesterday in front of the school district building. (To be fair, they’ve got plenty of other complaints too.) [The Notebook] And now there’s a class-action lawsuit against the governor over letting low-income health insurance program adultBasic expire. [Newsworks]