Out + About With Brian Sanders

The choreographer talks about Black Swan, getting older and reading in the loo. By Victor Fiorillo

Brian Sanders sat down with Victor Fiorillo, the research and A&E editor for Philadelphia magazine, for the first issue of G Philly – now also in print. The choreographer dishes on Philly buses, Black Swan and that whole gay age-denial thing.

At age 44, what’s it like being surrounded by younger, ultra-fit dancers all the time?

It’s that ol’ gay age-denial thing: Just keep wearing boys’ clothes and I’ll be fine.

Why here instead of New York?

I confess, it was a default for a while. I was “just saving up for New York.” But then I looked around, and the city suddenly had a life it didn’t use to have.

Woody’s or T.O.C.?

I am happily a homebody these days. When my partner and I venture into the Gayborhood, we usually end up at Cosi or More Than Just Ice Cream.

Black Swan: Love or hate?

Love and hate. An amazingly made movie about absolutely nothing of interest.

Thing about Philly that really pisses you off?

The buses. They are smelly and loud.

Worst thing about being a dancer?

Getting old and not being able to do it anymore.

Last vacation?

Island Beach State Park in New Jersey, last July. We got eaten by flies.

Reading material in your loo?

I bring the laptop.