John Street Will Not Resign

Plus: The Audenried teacher speaking out, the Convention Center expansion opening, the gay Chestnut Hill College priest’s past, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

The Big Meh. Mayor Nutter announced his budget yesterday—no tax hikes, no big cuts, happy days are here again, etc. Next week, Governor Corbett will announce his, and the city will begin its seemingly annual slash-and-burn ritual, probably. [Daily News]

The Fired Gay Chestnut Hill College Priest Had A Fraud Conviction … 20 years ago. But someone (hmm, wonder who that would be?) is bringing it up now, anyway—or so the priest’s lawyer says. [Daily News] Meanwhile, Chestnut Hill College needs a better PR team. [So, What Happened Was …]

The $786M Convention Center Expansion Opens Today. Or, at least, there’s a ribbon cutting. It opens for real in June. Also, look at the pretty lights. [Inquirer]

The Exiled Audenried Teacher Is Speaking Out. Three weeks after Hope Moffett was dispatched to “teacher jail” for the high crime of giving students SEPTA tokens (which some used to protest the School District’s decision to turn their school over to Kenny Gamble’s Universal Companies)—not for nothing, but her students are scheduled to take the PSSA exam next week, for which they’re preparing with a sub—she talks to the Inky and readers. Hint: She’s not happy. Guess: Ackerman’s gonna be pissed. [Inquirer;]

No, HUD, John Street Will Not Be Resigning Because You Asked Nicely. He and other PHA board members, despite the federal investigations, “firmly believe that we really haven’t done anything wrong. We’ve done nothing that merits our being removed for cause. But in spite of all of that, most board members are open to talk to HUD about all this stuff. We know HUD has a real serious political problem in Washington. We’d like to be cooperative. But we won’t be cooperative at the complete and total expense of the board.” [Philly Clout]