Spot the Fake: Solution

In the March issue, I gave you three legitimate local innovations and one fake one and asked if you could spot the fake.

 A) A mattress that helps you lose weight

B) A dog jacket with a built in stereo system

C) A thermal blanket to melt away the snow covering your parking spot

D) A bicycle-based laundry pickup/delivery service

 If you guessed C, you’re absolutely right, although it seems like a pretty damn good idea. (Contact the Patent Office here).

Here’s all the info on the real deals.


The mattress that (supposedly) helps you lose weight is the Sports Mattress from New Jersey company Chiromatic, and the owner’s 18-year old son is the inventor. The mattress and box-spring will set you back about $2,000, and the best I can figure it, they’re saying that because you’ll sleep better, you’ll work out harder and will, therefore, lose weight. Kind of a stretch.

If you want the coolest canine on the block, you simply must invest in the Woofer, a doggie jacket that features two speakers and a holder for your mp3 player. Though if you suddenly discover that your dog prefers Justin Bieber to Led Zeppelin, there could be a problem. The Woofer is handmade in Philadelphia and even has its own YouTube channel. Depending on the size of your mutt, you’re looking at $140-$160, and if you live in Philly, they’ll even personally deliver it at no additional charge.


And as if bicycle messengers weren’t already menacing enough without carrying around your neighbor’s dirty drawers, I give you Wash Cycle Laundry, which describes itself as "Philadelphia’s first sustainable, ultra-convenient bike-driven laundry service." And I have no reason to doubt them. It’s a subscription-based service, and you can sign up for weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly cleansing. Prices start at $1-a-pound. Sign up here.