Are Dropouts Pushed Out?

Plus: L&I retirement, beer(!), abortion, the Hatch Act, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

Are High School Dropouts “Pushed Out”? In Philly, four in 10 public high-school students will never graduate, which is, of course, unacceptable. The group Youth United for Change (acronym: YUC?) says that many of those students drop out because they’re either bored—especially with an education that centers around standardized teststing—have problems with teachers or the school’s discipline system, or have non-school-related issues to deal with. [Daily News]

L&I Deputy Commissioner Quits Amid FBI Probe. Dominic Verdi, who had been working with the police department’s Nuisance Bar Task Force, which is now at the center of a federal corruption investigation, was told yesterday that L&I would only take him back with a $50,000 pay cut. Verdi retired instead. [Daily News]

A Judge Denied a Teenager’s Request for an Abortion Without Parental Consent. State newspapers want to know why. [Fox 29]

Acting U.S. Attorney Allegedly Used Her Office to Fund-Raise for GOP. If the Office of Special Counsel’s allegations stick, Laurie Magid could lose her current gig as an assistant U.S. attorney for violating the Hatch Act. [Daily News]

The Cause Of, And Solution To, All Of Life’s Problems. The Inky dives in to this city’s thriving beer culture—and specifically, how you can get a job as a brewmaster. [Inquirer] RELATED: Mark your calendars. Beer Week starts June 3rd. [PBW]

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