Naked Guys on DVD

The Straight & Butch documentary releases on DVD in April

If you missed seeing Philly TV personality Butch Cordora – of In Bed with Butch fame – take it all off, then you’re in the luck this season. The film he produced several years ago about his experience getting naked with 12 straight guys for a calendar project – Straight & Butch – is being released on DVD in April.

The documentary offers a peek into what it was like stripping down to recreate iconic images from pop culture – everything from Rolling Stone covers to Beatles album art. The film also addresses taboos about straight and gay guys mixing things up, confronts public indecency laws (many of the shoots were outdoors) and goes behind the scenes for a painstaking model search.

Straight & Butch presents a unique glimpse of the creative process as it uncovers the naked truth about how much common ground exists between guys who play for different teams. It also showcases plenty of buff bods belonging to a dozen Philadelphia men you may even recognize.

Check out the trailer: