Camden Gives Up (Again)

Plus: More legal woes for pedophile priests, a local guy fights Wells Fargo and wins (for now), spring training (!), and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

More Legal Trouble For The Archdiocese. On the heels of a blistering grand jury report issued last week, a 28-year-old man filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging that two priests abused him and local church officials covered it up. [Associated Press via]

Score One For The Good Guys. A Philadelphia man won a $1,000 judgment against Wells Fargo after he took them to court over an insurance dispute and they never showed. And then, when Wells Fargo didn’t pay, he “foreclosed” on their Delaware Avenue property—or at least, $1,000 of it. A Sheriff’s sale is set for March 4. [Inquirer]

And Now, Score One For The Bad Guys. On April 1st, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office will lay off a quarter of its employees, including 18 assistant prosecutors and 26 investigators. Last month, you’ll recall, the city of Camden laid off half its police force—so it’s not like those prosecutors will have anyone to prosecute, anyway. [Fox 29]

The Phantastic Phour™ Report to Spring Training. Oh, and Joe Blanton, too. Also, The Scoop will hereafter retire any reference to the Phillies’ pitching staff wherein we replace “F” with “Ph,” because, seriously, aren’t we all over that by now? [NBC Philadelphia]

The City’s Planning Commission Will Be Presented With a New Comprehensive Plan Today. Called Philadelphia 2035, the plan seeks to tackle public health and the city’s growing obesity crisis by making sure that every Philadelphian is within walking distance of fresh produce. [Newsworks]