Vote on the World’s Best Trophy

New online bracket poll lets you be the awarder. Much better than being the awardee, really, what with all those nerve-wracking acceptance speeches and tuxedos

OK. So when he was a kid, the Scoop might have “practiced” his “award acceptance speech” in the bathroom mirror once or twice. But who hasn’t imagined themselves winning an Oscar or an Emmy or the Wimbledon Cup (either for your sharp shooting skills or your fierce backhand)? Alas, the Scoop was a lazy child and didn’t have the proper relentless parenting to lead him to any sort of championship. (So many awards to win, not enough Amy Chua-type moms to go around.) Thankfully, there’s Philly Mag contributor Don Steinberg’s new Trophy Cup, an online poll that pits trophy against trophy, allowing readers to vote bracket-style “to see which award is the best of the best.” The poll launched Friday, and you’re already three games behind so get voting. Today’s face-off: the Emmy vs. the FIFA World Cup.