Strip Clubs Searched in L&I Probe

Plus: The School District’s budget crunch, a resurgent city, charter school protests, sewer patronage, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

“We Are Starting to Turn a Corner.” We are rising, we are resurgent, etc., … “and we are creating jobs. The problem is, Ed Rendell is taking all of them.” Oh, Mayor Nutter, you crack us up. Read all of his speech to the Chamber of Commerce yesterday here. [The City’s Facebook Page]

Meanwhile, In The Resurgent City … The School District is facing a $400 million shortfall next year—that’s $400,000,000—so everyone get ready for what Arlene Ackerman is calling “devastating” cuts. Ackerman, who graciously accepted a $65,000 bonus last year and is scheduled to take home a $100,000 retention bonus this year (on top of her $338,000 salary), has volunteered to take 10 unpaid furlough days this year (she also gets seven weeks vacation). [Inquirer]

Not Everyone’s Happy About Charter School Conversions. The District wants to turn over two South Philly schools to Universal Companies, as part of an effort to revitalize Grays Ferry and Point Breeze. The plan has been met with vigorous opposition, at least from some quarters, especially over the lack of community involvement in the decision. [Newsworks]

The Feds Search Two Strip Clubs in L&I Probe. Oh hey, it’s another corruption investigation. A cop and a towing business are also under the microscope. [Inquirer]

New Jersey Sewer Authorities Are Cesspools of Overpaid Patronage. The 85-year-old director of the Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority banks close to 200k a year, and spent more than $700 in taxpayer funds on a personally engraved iPad for himself, and another $4,000 on Atlantic City hotel rooms for him and his associates. The Scoop has a feeling a Chris Christie crackdown is in order. [Inquirer]

The Butt-Injection Suspect Lives in Lower Merion. The police have searched the home of the unlicensed alleged injector of the silicon butt enhancements that killed a British tourist. [Daily News]

Seth Williams Has Indicted One of Former Archbishop Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua’s Top Aides. How high will this thing go? Stay tuned. [Daily News]