Nutter: I’ve Got This

City: You sure about that? Plus: Nixonian tactics, tow truck craziness, Harrisburg temper tantrums, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

No, You Shut Up! You’ll be shocked, shocked, to learn that there’s a partisan food fight afoot in Harrisburg, wherein Republicans are calling on the House minority leader to resign, and Democrats saying that the majority leader “does not have the maturity to lead.” [Capitol Ideas]

Another One Bites the Dust. The Inky laments the closing of the eclectic Fishtown Germ Bookstore & Gallery, another victim of and the Kindle. [Inquirer]

Why Did The City Boot AAA From Its Tow Truck List? AAA tells NBC that the city said it was because they didn’t take credit cards. But they do. L&I, which oversees these things, declined to comment. City Councilman James Kenney, meanwhile, wants to take tow truck oversight away from L&I, Philly’s second most hated bureaucracy, and make it the purview of the first—the PPA. What could possibly go wrong?  [NBC 10]

Nixon Would Be Proud. 19th Democratic Ward Leader Carlos Matos, a supporter of probable Council candidate Dan Savage (not this Dan Savage, unfortunately) and son-in-law of City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione, is reportedly recruiting a woman named Maria Sanchez to run against Maria Quinones-Sanchez in the May primary. The idea, of course, is to siphon confused votes away from the incumbent Councilwoman and help Savage avenge his 2007 defeat. [Daily News]

Nutter to City: Nothing to See Here, Move Along. The mayor praised the city’s snow removal efforts, though, well, not everyone feels the same way. [Daily News] Meanwhile, half of SEPTA’s buses still aren’t running. [Fox 29] And Temple kids are bitching about having had to go to school despite the conditions. [NBC 10]

Back to Normal. Now that the Kensington Strangler has been caught, and the cops and investigators have pulled out, residents fear a return to the status quo. [Daily News]