NBC Universal Now ‘NBCUniversal’

No space=synergy, geddit?

A Change Is Gonna Come. Preparing for its imminent Comcast takeover, NBC Universal has rebranded itself NBCUniversal—no space—because … well, let’s let them explain:

But the space-less corporate logo is meant to represent the unity of its two main divisions as it is set to be taken over by cable operator Comcast in a deal that is to close on Friday.

“We aren’t a family of two favorite sons, rather one filled with talented people and companies all tied for first,” according to a voice-over presentation that introduced the logo to employees.

NBC employees received 25 shares of Comcast stock and tickets to a Universal theme park. [AP via Yahoo!] Meanwhile, 30 Rock continued to make fun of its new corporate master, Kabletown. [New York Mag]

NY Mag