Twitter Loves Us

Plus zero tolerance, deadly fires, missing money, jobs that no one in his right mind could want, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Low last night in the city was 12 (!), less in the ’burbs. High of 29 today. [Fox 29]

Is Zero Tolerance Too Harsh? A new report by an advocacy group claims that it is, especially for black and Hispanic students, who are disproportionately expelled from Philly schools. [InquirerDaily News]

We’re Trending. The hashtag #ImFromPhilly is trending on Twitter right now. The Scoop’s favorite: From @MrAndersonNanny: “Santa, the fat kid from American Idol, deaf kids…I boo ’em cause #imfromphilly [Twitter; Daily News]

Wait, Somebody Actually Wants This Job? Yesterday, The Scoop told you about John Kromer, a candidate for sheriff who says he’s running to dismantle the row office once and for all. In the meantime, it seems Republican Michael Untermeyer is lobbying Governor-elect Tom Corbett to be named Sheriff for the rest of John Green’s term. (True to form, Michael Meehan, general counsel to the freaking Republican City Council, says Corbett nominating a Republican would cause too much of a ruckus. A real fighter, that guy.) [Daily News]

Speaking of the Sheriff’s Office. From the DN: “Dozens of people who are owed money by the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office have been waiting for months or even years to recover the proceeds from real-estate sales, with no coherent explanations for what’s taking so long. It’s another sign of the financial wreckage at the Sheriff’s Office, where three top aides were fired last week and the city controller is hiring forensic auditors, trying to document what happened to millions of dollars in auction receipts.” Sure you want this gig, Untermeyer? [Daily News]

Four Die in Feltonville Fire. A mom her her three kids died in a ferocious blaze last night; also, due to a miscommunication with a neighbor over whether the house was empty, firefighters waited five-to-seven minutes before trying to rescue those inside. By then, the flames and smoke were so great that the firefighters couldn’t do much of anything. Sad. [Daily News]