Navy Officer Stars in Anti-Gay Videos

The amateur flicks were broadcast to 6,000 sailors - and may now cost the officer his career

Same-sex sailors pretending to wash each other, and skippers parading around in drag, using antigay slurs. That’s just a portion of video content that surfaced recently, according to The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va. The amateur videos were recorded by several Navy officers with a disclaimer for “fags” and “bleeding hearts” as an introduction to movie night aboard a sailing vessel deployed in the Middle East several years ago. At the time, the videos were broadcast to as many as 6,000 sailors and Marines.

In addition to using a slew of anti-gay slurs, the video also offers whole segments in which officers simulate masturbation and rectal exams and repeatedly use the “F” word as a way to describe “sexual intercourse” or to “ruin or damage” someone. There’s even a scene in which an officer implies having sex with a donkey in his stateroom. Talk about bad behavior. Did these folks learn anything from the Tailhook scandal 20 years ago?

After the videos were released recently, the Navy launched an investigation. The videos are believed to have been masterminded by Capt. Owen Honors, an executive officer who at the time was second-in-command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, an aircraft carrier that was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2006-2007. Honors, who also consequently stars in these low-brow flicks, is expected to lose his command, according to Time magazine.

The video is now available online (please be advised that much of the material may be considered offensive or inappropriate for children):