Matthew Izzo comes back to the Gayborhood

After many moves, our eternal crush returns to 12th Street to sell great clothes.

It’s taken long enough. After a whole lotta opening of storefronts and trattorias by Val Safran and Marcie Turney and a few others but mostly Val and Marcie, the greater 13th Street corridor has become a shopping and dining destination where paying customers actually go lots, and spend lots of money. Turns out, these loose-wallet-ed clientele would like to spend cash on clothes, too.

Enter everywhere man Matthew Izzo — who nearly 10 years ago opened a shelter shop on Pine, and later a clothing shop on 13th and then closed the one on Pine and then opened one on Walnut and then closed the one on 13th and then closed the one on Walnut and opened one on North 3rd in Old City — and who now is planning the opening of another second shop back in the Gayborhood. In the White Building, to be exact. Between Chestnut and Sansom on 12th Street.

Sweet Matthew says this store will be all clothing and accessories, some women’s, but mostly men’s, thereby satisfying both the nabe’s desire for a boutique and Philadelphia dudes’ need for modern  men’s togs. It will open in mid-February and will contain brands we, and glossies like GQ, love, including Wesc denim, Cheap Monday, Alternative Apparel, Philly’s own Duke & Winston, and a new line of just-out-of-Aussie denim by Neuw (pictured).

Matthew Izzo, 111 South 12th Street, 215-629-1240