What Happened in 2010

Men behaving badly, stupid kids, our never-tiresome restaurant scene, sports and more of what Philly talked about this year

The Scoop actually convinced the boss man that the Internet was closing this week (“for a maintenance overhaul”), but we’ll return on Monday, January 3rd with brand-new posts that will feel very 2011-y. Ah, the future … when owning a Ford Fiesta will be cool but we’ll still be talking about when Verizon will get the iPhone. Meanwhile, as you’re kicking 2010 out the back door, here’s a last look back.

Food. Because Why Should You Stop Eating Now? So, did you eat your way through our list of 239 Best Dishes to Eat in Philly? Lauren St. Clair Lynch decided she had the stomach for this mission and has been blogging her way through the chow all year. She has till December 31st to finish.

Men Behaving Badly. Not exactly light holiday reading, but 2010 did mark the 25th anniversary of the MOVE bombing, when we basically set our own city on fire. We also dished up squabbling of the Rittenhouse variety with the feuding Perelmans, and of the South Philly persuasion with an ex-mobster tale from John-John Veasey (which includes some jaw-on-floor stories; hint: power tools).

People Love Stupid Kids. Our December cover story, Why Kids Are Getting Stupider, brought letters from kids around the country who protested that they really, really are smart. (Braggarts.) Tip for parents: One of the Scoop’s friends actually showed his little girl our December cover to explain why she’s not getting an iPod for Christmas this year.

Fly Eagles Fly. On the surface it looks like Michael Vick is the reason for the Eagles success this season. But what about the guy crunching numbers behind the scenes who made sure Vick would be around this year?