Pulse: Chatter: Local T-Shirt Designer Greg Gant Takes on Temple

How the Temple “T” became a fashion statement

Two years ago, current Temple senior Greg Gant decided to blend his school spirit with a little street ’tude in a homemade t-shirt sporting the slogan “Thug Life,” featuring the Temple “T.” When the look sparked interest, the mass-media major made like a business-schooler, selling t-shirts around campus. Alas, “Everyone who wants to use logos needs collegiate licensing,” says Richard Rumer, associate vice president of Temple Business Services, explaining why the school recently put the kibosh on the thug-dom. Gant’s cool with it: “I’m just glad Temple didn’t bring the hammer down. They just asked me to stop.” And anyway, his other big project, a partnership with a UArts grad, is safely trademark-free: Look for his “Drunkadelphia” t-shirt on a college kid near you.