Buy This: Cross-Country Skis

What to buy right now

Last year, during Snowmageddon, 
cross-country skis suddenly reappeared. Pole-flanked, kick-step-propelled, these wood-core gliders skimmed over otherwise impenetrable streets, making us: 
1) jealous; and 2) eager to deplete stock at Buckmans and the Ski Bum. This year, 
vintage-looking versions, such as these cherry beauts by Whitewoods, seem even more apropos. Sure, we like them as eco-
vehicles. But we also love their Nordic tweediness. Our plan: Lean them prominently by the front door as we await the snow day when we can don them with other retro-yet-right-now accoutrements — perhaps a plaid cape, cuffed gray flannels, or anything warm and woolen from un-likely label du moment L.L. Bean Signature.