Perelman Vs. Perelman

One of Philly's most philanthropic families is having some very public drama. Plus DRPA toll hikes, New Jersey bear hunts, wacky dinner pairings, and more of what Philly is talking about today

Family Feud. Raymond Perelman contends that his son Jeffrey deliberately ignored an oral agreement to put a large sum of money in a trust for Jeffrey’s daughter Alison.  The fight is getting ugly. [Inquirer] Read more about the Perelmans in this story from our March 2010 issue.

New Sketch of the Kensington Strangler. The attacker is getting more violent, progressing from beating his victims with his hands to incorporating weapons, including a brick and a pair of scissors. [Daily News]

DRPA Toll Hikes Will Likely Decrease Bridge Use. Traffic is already at the lowest point in a decade and the proposed $1 increase (bringing the cost to $5 roundtrip) is expected to discourage more drivers from traveling on DRPA bridges. [Inquirer]

Feeling Lucky? Lottery tickets will soon be available at Wawa. The Scoop will take a million dollars with his Gobbler. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

N.J. Bear Hunt. Forty bears were killed yesterday during the first day of New Jersey’s six-day bear hunt. The first in Jersey since 2005,  the hunt was designed to control the bear population in residential areas. Animal rights groups are outraged. In related news, the number of missing pic-a-nic baskets is expected to decrease dramatically next week. [6ABC]

Former Phillies GM Pat Gillick Elected to Hall of Fame. The Scoop’s still kind of pissed at Jayson Werth, but this good news helps. [ESPN]

Adsum to Host Four Loko Pairing Dinner. Chef Matt Levin jokingly suggested hosting this dinner on Twitter and within moments, had 37 interested guests. This is the power of social media, people. [Meal Ticket]