Jayson Werth Rumors Heat Up

Plus Tom Knox talks trash, Ackerman's funny school business, Philadelphians are proud of the way they speak, and more of what we're talking about (with an accent) this morning

Are the Jayson Werth Rumors True? Ruben Amaro doesn’t comment on rumors. But Werth will text-message that he hasn’t yet signed a contract with the Phils. [CSN]

Andy Reid Reams Out Eagles. The Coach was not happy about the football team’s 31-26 loss to the Chicago Bears last night. [Daily News] DeSean Jackson didn’t take it well. [CSN]

Arlene Ackerman Accused of Improper School Business. Inquirer sources say the way the school superintendent directed contract work to a local firm for installation of surveillance cameras in dangerous schools was not done by the book. [Inquirer] The paper also ran the School District’s official denial of funny business. Read our profile of Ackerman here.

Mayor Nutter on Meet the Press. Our mayor talked politics and sports at David Gregory’s Sunday morning TV roundtable yesterday, and noted that “Philadelphia is a city of redemption and a city of second chances.” He wishes. He really wishes. [Fox 29, Daily News]

Tom Knox’s Trash Talk. One-time (and maybe future?) mayoral candidate Knox has joined a lawsuit against the Center City District over his high garbage service fees. [Inquirer] Guess the millionaire won’t be signing Warren Buffett’s new pledge about how the wealthy should pay more in taxes. [ABC News]

Could a Philly Accent Hinder Your Career? New Yorkers are apparently trying to hide their accents to get jobs. But local linguistics prof says we’re too proud to hide our true selves. Wait … Philadelphians talk with an accent? The Scoop never knew. [CBS3]