Dinner With Joey Vento

Opinionated 70-year-old proprietor, Geno’s Steaks

Cheesesteak order: Provolone with. Not wit’. We use the word “with” at Geno’s.

Ingredients in Cheez Whiz: No idea. Never ate it.

Chinese or pizza: Definitely the pizza. Regular tomato pie. I try to stay away from the pepperoni. I don’t eat Chinese. It’s disgusting.

Food your mom had to force on you: Fridays was liver day. Disgusting.

Number of dinners you cooked at home this year: I never make dinner. That’s my wife’s job. She makes great meatballs and macaroni.

Celebrity you’d most like to serve but haven’t: Robert De Niro or Al Pacino. But I’d trade them both to have a steak sandwich with Joe Pesci.

Celebrity you’d refuse to serve: Michael Vick.

New Year’s Eve plans: At Geno’s, making cheesesteaks. If the workers want to bring some champagne, they can have it.

How many glasses you’ll have: I don’t drink it. Maybe Ketel One and orange juice. I used to do Absolut, but my son said, “Dad, you gotta do the Ketel One.”

Cognac, cigar or good sex after a satisfying meal: Gotta go with the good sex.