Old City Residents Fret Over Development

Plus Michael Vick takes his animal-friendly show on the road, the Tennis Channel and Comcast duke it out, JoePa talks retirement, a big win in A.C., and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

Old City Residents Aflutter Over Hotel Development. See Plan Philly’s story about a packed neighborhood meeting where hotel development at 4th and Race was debated (among topics: the definition of “billboard” and “nightclub”). Can powerful neighborhood citizens’ groups hinder progress in this town? See our story Turf Wars: Neighbors Gone Wild.

Vick Makes Humane Society Rounds. The Eagles QB was in Connecticut speaking to kids about the evils of dog fighting. Apparently, to preppy kids dressed in striped Oxfords who say things like: “In my opinion he means what he says and this is a healing process for him.” [YouTube, LA Times] Vick’s also on this week’s Sports Illustrated cover. [Daily News]

Tennis Channel Giving Comcast Trouble. The sports network is pulling a McEnroe and complaining about its tier in the cable package world. The unresolved argument is going to trial. [LA Times]

City Controller Says Business Tax Proposal Is Flawed. Alan Butkovitz says the plan, from Council members Maria Quinones Sanchez and Bill Green, will hurt development of new business. [WHYY, CBS3]

Spectrum Demo Hits Home for One Local Man. As one Burlington Co. resident watched the South Philly venue’s teardown yesterday, houses adjacent to his Mount Holly home were falling down too. [PhillyBurbs.com]

Big Win In A.C. A Trenton man won more than $7 mil at Harrah’s yesterday. In related news, the Scoop is off for the holiday tomorrow and Friday. If you need him, he’ll be at the slots. [Philly.com]

Oh, No. Joe Won’t Go! Penn State football coach Joe Paterno said yesterday that he won’t retire. Guess he plans to play until his age matches his number of career wins (currently: more than 400). [Inquirer]