Prostitutes Flocking to Upper Merion

Plus more abandoned kids at the Parx, which Phillie won't be returning, and why you need to get out and vote

It’s Election Day: The national focus is on Pennsylvania. So don’t screw it up, folks. [Inquirer]

Meanwhile, on the Other Side of the Bridge … : The Adler-Runyan race is highly competitive, which means we’re counting on you, too, Jersey residents. [Inquirer]

Closing Arguments Heard in Cop-Killer’s Sentencing: Rasheed Scrugs, who pleaded guilty to killing 25-year-old Officer John Pawlowski in early 2009, “had a subpar upbringing, is brain-damaged and suffers from low intelligence,” according to his defense attorneys. [Daily News]

Another Day, Another Kid Left in the Parx Parking Lot: Actually, two kids. Their father is the seventh parent to be charged with leaving a kid in the car outside the Bucks County casino since June. The Scoop thinks the police should hand him over to Sandy Hingston for a good talking to.   [Philadelphia Business Journal, KYW]

Upper Merion Police Cracking Down on Prostitution: Call girls from all over the country are coming to Montgomery County to do their business. School officials in Lower Merion rejoice. Hookers are way worse than spying on students, right? [6ABC]

First-Base Coach Davey Lopes Won’t Return in 2011: Bummer.  [CSN]