Pulse: Chatter: New Philly TV Shows

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia isn’t exactly an ad for Philly, and A&E’s Parking Wars is a PR nightmare. Now, we rate just how hazardous some new Philly shows might be to our rep

TEACH, A&E, premiered October 1st. Premise: C-lister Tony Danza is a reality-show tough guy schooling 10th-graders at Northeast High. Damage: We’re not just a city with school issues, we’re a city that hires the dude from Who’s the Boss? to take care of them. Great.

WRECK CHASERS, TLC, premiered October 28th. Premise: A camera crew films a local towing company, focusing on the aggressive, competitive nature of the business (i.e., shootings and murder, TLC?) Damage: First parking, now towing? Who will ever come here?

MISS PHILLY, TNT, in development. Premise: Jamie Foxx’s scripted drama about Philly’s first female -African-American police commissioner. Damage: A crime angle isn’t ideal, but Law & Order didn’t sink New York City, right?

WAITRESSES OF SOUTH PHILADELPHIA, A&E, in development. Premise: Reality show about a bevy of waitresses at Bella Vista’s Italian throwback, Mama Yolanda’s. Damage: So long as the South Philly food personality featured isn’t Joey Vento, we’re good.