Philly Is Losing People More Slowly

It's a good thing — honest. Plus: It's Game 1 against the Reds tonight, Teddy Pendergrass's dueling wills, and more of what's news in the city this morning

Fewer People Are Bailing on Us. The city’s “net outflow” — the difference between people moving in and people bugging out — dropped to 9,846 in 2008, the lowest in 16 years. [6 ABC]

If You Don’t Owe Me by Now … Teddy Pendergrass’s children and his second wife, whom he married a year before his death, are battling over his rather paltry estate. [Inquirer]

Phils Start the Drive to the Series Tonight. It’s Game 1 against the Reds, and Roy Halladay’s on the mound. [The 700 Level]

Sixers Lose Their First Preseason Game. But it was close against the Nets, 103-96. [ Sports]

It’s Not That Bad, Say North Philly Residents. Locals decry the FBI’s latest crime stats, which mark the neighborhood as the country’s sixth most dangerous. [WHYY]

Prince Music Theater Files for Bankruptcy. The move, which staves off a long-threatened foreclosure by TD Bank, won’t affect the programming schedule. [Inquirer]

Delco Woman Arrested for Punching Cable Guy. And who among us will be the first to blame her? [Daily News]

Action News Saves Woman From Snarling Car-Lot Guard Dogs. And just happened to leave the camera running, of course. [6 ABC]