Could Rendell Be Obama’s Chief of Staff?

Plus: Bob Marley's Chester County-based daughter gets busted for pot, Philly is the 12th most-stressed city in America, and more of what's news this morning

Two More Women Accuse Greene of Sexual Harassment. That brings the total to eight, if you’re scoring at home. Meanwhile, former mayor John Street is accusing Greene of conducting a full-blown coverup to keep the harassment cases away from the board. [Inquirer]

Well, This Is the Stupidest Frickin’ Thing We’ve Ever Heard! Philly is the 12th most stressful metropolitan area in the country, according to new rankings from Detroit is the most stressful, Salt Lake City the least (although the lack of stress in Salt Lake City would probably make the Scoop kind of stressed). [Business Journal]

Could Rendell Become Obama’s Chief of Staff? That sounds like crazy talk, but the guv is mentioned in a Politico piece as a “wild card” choice to replace Rahm Emanuel, who some speculate may run for mayor of Chicago. []

PATCO Will Search More Riders. If you take the train in from Jersey, get ready for more searches. Officials searched 663 bags on Tuesday, looking for explosives. The only thing they found was, um, a crack pipe. [6abc]

You’re Gonna Have to Wait for Those Wine Kiosks. The state is delaying their rollout due to safety concerns and discussions with retailers. They were supposed to start being used in late August; no new timetable is set. [6abc]

William Penn Foundation Gives Orchestra $4.5 Million. To help them dig out of their financial hole. [NY Times]

Ed Snider-Backed Conservative TV Network Launches. Kelsey Grammer is the public face of RightNetwork. They’ll focus more on entertainment from a right-wing point of view than news, because god knows conservatives are hilarious. [AP]

Bob Marley’s Daughter Pleads Guilty to Possessing Marijuana Plants. Who knew she lives in Chester County? And who can believe she’s into pot? [Inquirer]