Who’s That Woman With Mayor Nutter?

Dan Gross is asking. Plus: Turnpike tolls are going up, Specter says thumbs up on Kagan, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Are the Ducks Coming Back? It’s too soon to say, says the Coast Guard’s acting port captain. “We’re not even close to looking at a decision,” he says. [Inquirer]

Turnpike Tolls Are Going Up. But if you have EZ Pass you’ll get a break. Tolls jump 10 percent for regular schmoes starting January 2, but only 3 percent for EZ Passers. [6abc]

Nutter Cuts $47 Million from Budget. Police and fire took whacks, but libraries were spared. [Daily News]

Who’s That Woman with Mayor Nutter? Dan Gross reports that the mayor was at the Happy Rooster the other night at 1 a.m. with a “young blonde.” [Philly.com]

Specter Smacks Kagan, But Then Says He’ll Vote for Her. Arlen complained that the Supreme Court nominee wasn’t forthcoming on her judicial philosophy, but said she had done “just enough” to win his vote. Whew. [The Hill]

Christie Asking Questions About the DRPA. The NJ guv is particularly interested in CEO John J. Mattheussen, who pulls in a cool $219,000 per year. [Courier Post]

Will Jamie Moyer Make the Hall of Fame? The Daily News devotes a ridiculous amount of space to this question today. The Scoop has a simple answer: No. [Daily News]