And the Best Place to Live in Philly Is…

See which town makes Money's list. Plus: Lower Merion supports gays, Penn State hikes tuition, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Tugboat Mate Takes the Fifth. The crew member who was likely at the wheel of the tugboat declines to say whether he heard the calls from duck boat 34, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Meanwhile, Ride the Ducks has resumed operations in Atlanta, San Francisco and Branson. [Inquirer, Business Journal]

And the Best Place to Live In Philadelphia Is…. Abington? It’s the only local town to make Money magazine’s latest edition of Best Places to Live. Abington finished 29th. This year’s list looked only at small cities of 50,000 to 300,000. Honestly, these magazines and their lists. []

Onorato Calls Corbett’s Remarks “An Insult” to Workers. The Dem candidate for guv went after the Republican candidate for guv, after Corbett said some of those lazy folks around the state like getting that unemployment check and don’t want to work. []

Penn State Tuition Increases 6%. Here’s a question: when was the last time a school reduced tuition? Ever? [NBC Philadelphia]

Sestak & Toomey Trade Barbs in Sestak’s Back Yard. Both were in Delaware County yesterday, slicing each other up. Toomey bashed Sestak for his bailout votes; Sestak bashed Toomey as an ex-Wall Street dude who’s out of touch. Get ready for three more months of this, folks. []

Lower Merion Set to Ban Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation. It will be the 18th municipality in Pennsylvania to do it — and the first in Montgomery County. Commissioner Mel Gibson voted no. [Main Line Times]

And Now… the iPad Bed? Yes, it’s a special bed that has docking stations for two iPads plus a jillion other bells and whistles that supposedly make it worth $20,000. The Scoop can’t decide whether he’s disgusted…or really really wants one. [FoxPhiladelphia]