It’s Really, Really, Really Hot

Plus: Lincoln Drive closes, Starr's conquering of Philadelphia continues, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

It’s Hot! Temps in the upper 90s today and tomorrow, and we could be “darn close” to record highs, says an Accuweather meteorologist. Meanwhile, eight of the 10 warmest summers in history have occurred since 1988. [Inquirer]

The Biggest Campaign Donors Ever. The three principals behind Susquehanna International gave more than $5 million to the gubernatorial campaign of Anthony Williams — easily a record in Pennsylvania. Read more about Susquehanna in this Philly Mag story. [Inquirer]

Lincoln Drive Detour Begins. Though if you’re driving into town from Chestnut Hill or Mount Airy, you probably already figured that out. Your life will not be back to normal again for 16 months. Sorry. [Inquirer]

Lower Merion Approves New Computer Software. Out is the LANrev system that allowed the school district to potentially spy on kids who took the laptops home; in is something called Casper Suite, which will let the district update computers in the field remotely, but without all that unseemly surveillance business. [Main Line Times]

Toomey and Sestak In a Dead Heat. The latest poll has them each with 41 percent. [Morning Call]

Starr Takes Over the Art Museum. Well, okay, not the whole museum, just the food part. His catering division will remake the restaurant and cafes in the main building and the Perelman building. [Business Journal]

On Second Thought, City Won’t Pay for Nutter’s Trip to the Gulf. The mayor initially said the city would cover costs for his tour of the Gulf; then he apparently remembered he has a budget crisis to deal with. Now the U.S. Conference of Mayors will pay two-thirds of the $2,700 bill, with Nutter’s campaign picking up the rest. [Inquirer]

Is the Comcast-NBC Merger A Bad Idea? Yes, says an official with the Media Access Project in Washington, who argues that it’s bad for America, bad for Hollywood, and bad for consumers. Read it all here. []

Jamie Moyer Is Amazing. He leads the Phils to a win last night, and he’s allowed just three runs and five hits in his last 16 innings. Plus, J-Roll is back. The Scoop thinks things are looking up. [Inquirer]