Tuesday Movie Blog

Flashback to The Goonies ... and VHS tapes

Rent It: The Goonies (PG, 1985). “Heeeey, you gu-uuuuys!” June 7th marked its 25th anniversary (unbelievably). In celebration, isn’t it time to relive the quest to find One-Eyed Willy’s treasure? Just remember to take along your Baby Ruths and your Pinchers of Peril. My Grade: A

Queue It: Explorers (PG, 1985). The anniversary of The Goonies made me think about all of the other movies I loved as a kid. This was the one that I can vividly remember watching every single day. On VHS. Taped from the TV. It’s a Spielberg-esque sci-fi/action flick where teens build a spacecraft. While it certainly does not hold up as well as other genre films of the ’80s, this still remains one of my favorites. My Grade: A-