Taste: Dining Out: Dinner With … Bobby Flay

Iron Chef and owner of the Borgata’s Bobby Flay Steak and West Philly newcomer Bobby’s Burger Palace

Amount of red meat you consume annually: Well, I eat red meat twice a week. At least. Maybe 400 pounds.

How you manage to look like you don’t eat that much: I run five or six times a week, and I eat three–quarters of what’s in front of me. Or I try to.

Preferred beverage with a burger: Bourbon. I like Woodford Reserve.

Whether that spurns your Irish heritage: Oh, maybe I should say Jameson.

Last Irish breakfast you had: Two years ago.

Whether you ate the black pudding: Definitely.

Biggest mistake home grillers make: They flip things way too many times.

Whether turkey burgers are evil: No. Veggie burgers are.

Number of times you’ve eaten at a vegan restaurant: Never.

Best airport food: The JetBlue terminal at JFK. Wait … let me go back. Rome.

Hardest part about being a celebrity chef: Not being able to just cook without being interrupted.

When you’re not eating meat, what you’re eating: Ice cream. Anything at Häagen-Dazs.