Today’s Faves

We heart students against flash mobbing; PBC vs. Budweiser...who wins?; Oprah's Philly pick

The Non-Flash Mob in Rittenhouse Square. Slaking the thirst of those who long for media to cover the good news, we bring your attention to a student movement we can celebrate in this city. We think senior DeVante Wilson’s words are enough said.

How does Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Walt Whit stack up against Bud Light? We’ll guess most beer-loving Philadelphians think the two brews shouldn’t be uttered in the same sentence, but one beer reviewer doesn’t agree. Watch his opinion (sneak preview: we want to know what his cat thinks) at today’s video of the day. And let us know if you agree. Pitchforks optional.

My “O” My. As HughE Dillon mentioned in his Monday post, Girard College prez Autumn Adkins is in the May issue of O: The Oprah Magazine. The piece (with a fetching photo, we must say) is now up on Ms. O’s website here, and puts Adkins in the company of actress Anna Kendrick and genius grant winner Jennifer Richeson on the mag’s “10 Women on the Rise” list.